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TIP - Works best with 2-3 domain keywords separated by space, e.g. "name mesh"

try - music video , best - apps , pay* p?? , let it be , app* z

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Check availability of the most common tlds including com, net, org. Also, checks the hyphenated version of your preferred domain name.


Generate the common alternatives for your domain name by using the following methods

Enter special characters to specify preferences and different generation methods

  • Use * to make sure the word is always included in the generated domain name.

    Usage: 'cool* domain' will generate words containing 'cool' and replacing domain with other similarly related words.

  • Use ? to replace a character with any letter or number.

    Usage : '???' will be replaced by all 3 letter dictionary words. You can also specify part of the word like p??? (for 4 letter words starting with 'p') and ???t (for 4 letter words ending with t).


Check domain availability of the new gtlds that have been launched and have entered general availability. These tlds include .email, .link, .domains and many more. New gtlds are added as they are launched.


Preserve the main keywords entered in the final domain name and use the following to preserve SEO

  • Short Prefixes - uses popular prefixes
  • Dictionary Prefixes and Suffixes - uses popular dictionary prefixes and suffixes
  • Derived Words - similar words using the keywords as a root word
  • Use * with some letters to use dictionary words containing those letters. Eg: *z


Create short domain names by overlapping the keywords with the tlds, like,, etc.


Use various techniques to smartly modify existing keywords to generate new words that are very brandable. Some of the popular techniques used are

  • Merged Portmanteau - also known as blending or meshing words is the most popular way of creating highly brandable names.
  • Misspellings
  • Phonetic Variations
  • Short URL
  • Overlapping
  • Acronyms


Check domain names with some other popular tlds like co, io, it, mobi, name, me, ly and many more.


Generate domains by mixing in other words and popular suffixes like ly, ify etc. Some of the methods used are

  • Mix words
  • Simple Portmanteau - smartly merge popular suffixes like ly, ify, er, ish, ism and many more
  • Prefixes - use prefixes overlapping with the keywords
  • Suffixes - use suffixes overlapping with the keywords

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